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Introducing In Vivo data to the Complex Nitrosamine data sharing initiative

Lhasa Limited is thrilled to announce the 5th release of the Vitic Complex Nitrosamine database, which has been expanded to include, for the first time, in vivo genotoxicity data. This broadening of scope within the database empowers members of the Complex Nitrosamine Consortium to enhance their risk assessments by avoiding duplication of testing, save significant time and money in the process.

The main aim of the Complex Nitrosamines data sharing initiative is to share Ames data on structurally complex nitrosamines, allowing consortium members to use mutagenicity studies from the shared database to further understand the risks associated with their potential nitrosamine impurities. Since its inception, the database has more than doubled in size, with 14 members now contributing to address the challenges posed by nitrosamine drug substance-related impurities (NDSRIs).

This latest release incorporates data on 106 nitrosamines, with Ames data available for 104 nitrosamines and in vivo genotoxicity data for 10 nitrosamines.

A deeper dive into what’s new


Marking a milestone, the Complex Nitrosamine database now contains 371 new data records, bringing the total number of data records to 3,039. Additionally, 12 new substances have been incorporated, expanding the total count to 106 substances.

If you’re interested in accessing the newly available in vivo data, join the growing Lhasa consortium.

For more insight, explore how data sharing is advancing the understanding of NDSRIs, in this infographic.