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Empowering industry progression through collaborative data sharing

Lhasa Limited is delighted to announce the release of new data to its Vitic Aromatic Amines database users.

The Aromatic Amines data sharing initiative is a collaboration of pharmaceutical organisations sharing data from Ames mutagenicity assays for primary aromatic amines.

This latest release advances consortium members understanding and predictability of Ames test outcomes for the challenging chemical class of aromatic amines.

Aromatic Amines Database Enhancements


The 2023.1.0 Aromatic Amines Database has expanded with 1,456 new data records, totalling 19,466. Additionally, 78 new structures have been added, bringing the total to 1,181, with over 18,000 Genetic Toxicity in-vitro data records.

Data sharing within the consortium not only promotes industry progression but also empowers members to streamline their risk assessment workflow. By reducing testing duplication and avoiding the repetition of potentially costly experiments, consortium members can make more informed decisions in their risk assessments.

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