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Data release: Lhasa releases new data into its Elemental Impurities Database

Initiated in 2015 and using Lhasa’s Vitic platform, the Elemental Impurities collaboration is designed to share analytical data on the levels of trace elements found in excipients that are used in the formulation of pharmaceutical drug products.

The 2021.1 database contains the following data:

  • 41,273 elemental determinations
  • 3,050 data records in the Elementals Table
  • 5,615 data records in the Summary Table
  • This data covers 300 excipients

The Elemental Impurities excipient database is currently the largest known collection of this type of data. The consortium consists of pharmaceutical companies with an interest in the sharing of elemental impurity data for excipients. Consortium members contribute data they generate to establish the levels of trace metals within batches of excipients. Two excipient suppliers have also made contributions to the database.

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