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Aromatic Amines 2019.1 Release

Lhasa Limited release more data into its Aromatic Amines project initiative.

The Vitic Aromatic Amines project aims to improve the understanding and predictability of the Ames test outcome for primary aromatic amines.

The data sharing group consists of pharmaceutical companies and aims to build a database to enable the development of improved predictive models.

This project focuses on one chemical class, aromatic amines, for which it is notoriously difficult to predict Ames activity. The remit of the project is to collect Ames data for the aromatic amines, perform further data analysis and refine aromatic amine mutagenicity predictions.

Full details of this data release can be found in the Release Notes (members only), but can be summarised as follows:

The 2019.1.0 database contains the following data:

– New data records = 1,495

– Total data records = 13,553

– New substances = 85

– Total substances = 863

Click here for more information on the Aromatic Amines Project.

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