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Benefits of Membership

The Needs of our Users

At Lhasa Limited we work closely with users of our software to really understand and meet their needs.
Unlike many companies, Lhasa Limited is a not-for-profit membership organisation. When your organisation licenses software from Lhasa Limited, you become a member of the company, with the potential to control the future development of Lhasa Limited software.

As a not-for-profit organisation and educational charity we also promote and facilitate data-sharing between members and the wider scientific community.

Membership Benefits

Membership is exclusive to users of Lhasa Limited products and has many benefits, including:

  • Comprehensive technical support and training
  • Invitations to our Symposia events
  • Access to our password protected website area



Cut Development Times and Costs 

In silico tests are the fastest and most inexpensive way to identify unsuitable chemicals and compounds early on during the screening process, assisting in the prioritisation of chemicals and reducing the overall amount of laboratory-based testing required.


Get Assistance for Regulatory Submission

Increasingly, regulatory bodies in Europe, Japan and America are becoming aware of Lhasa Limited software, which can be used to develop evidence for regulatory submission.


Solve Business Problem and Achieve Greater Efficiency 

We proactively work towards the discovery of improved solutions for problems and issues faced by our members. We aim to continue developing creative solutions to help cut development costs by providing members with the means to operate with greater efficiency. Through regular software updates we continue to deliver accurate and comprehensive data to our programs and projects, plus original features to make our software easier and faster to use. The Lhasa Limited membership can be certain that our software products will continue to be the best performing of their kind in chemistry and the related sciences. 


Access Top Quality Customer Support

Our dedicated account management team is always on hand to offer technical support, running a schedule of training courses throughout the year to keep software users up-to-date with new features. Members can be sure that they won’t be left behind when it comes to getting the best value from their investment in our products and services. Our training services are flexible and we can design custom training solutions meeting exact member requirements. For convenience, we can deliver courses at your own business premises or in our facility at Leeds.


Drive Our Future

As a not-for-profit organisation, we are owned and solely funded by our members, and they have the power to influence the future direction of our work: our members’ needs are our passion. We also host Annual Lhasa Symposia to bring the Lhasa Limited team together with members to discuss the development of our software and services. Members are invited to suggest topics for discussion at these meetings, and to present on how our software and collaborative work has benefited them. Interactive workshop sessions allow members to discuss with the Lhasa Limited team how they would like to see the software design, features and content change and develop.


Access Expert Knowledge

As a Lhasa Limited member you will not only have access to the extensive and increasing data and knowledge present in our current programs, but you will also be welcome to call upon the specialist knowledge of Lhasa Limited scientists and developers. We can investigate more specific scientific challenges facing your business to enhance the knowledge and data in your Lhasa Limited software so it works harder and more effectively for you.


Join Collaborative Member Groups

Lhasa Limited’s scientists are always seeking new collaborative projects to work on. We bring groups of members together to share specific data through our software for a common benefit. Such collaborations involve the sharing of sensitive intellectual property which Lhasa Limited has consistently been trusted to hold and use in the strictest confidence by some of the
largest companies in the science industry. Often, these data sharing projects mature to a stage where the entire membership can take advantage of the resulting data, which is incorporated into the general knowledge base and released to the entire Lhasa Limited community as a software update.


Be Notified

Lhasa Limited Knowledge Library: Filled with a large variety of slides, documents and papers of general scientific interest. Members are encouraged to contribute to the Lhasa library in order to share knowledge. The library consists of files that can be downloaded freely by the general public, plus some that are exclusively for our members. 
Exclusive Online Member Site: Lhasa Limited members have exclusive access to a password protected area of the Lhasa Limited website. From here, members can access technical content about our current software, as well as access member only resources aimed at supporting software use.
News Online: Lhasa Limited members are always the first to hear about new projects and papers produced by our team, keeping them constantly up-to-date with product developments and
new knowledge. We publish four email newsletters annually which contain the latest news about collaborative projects, member relations, software releases and activities of the Lhasa Limited team. Members are invited to submit their own news which may be chosen to appear for publication.


Unite with Top Industry Players 

The Lhasa Limited membership and user list is already populated by top names such as GlaxoSmithKline, Avon Products Inc, Pfizer and Dow Chemicals. What’s more, our membership is growing and we are seeing increasing diversity in the types of organisations joining us. Becoming a member of Lhasa Limited presents a valuable opportunity to enter into a dialogue with organisations such as these and to share common goals for mutual benefits. Ensure your organisation is recognised as part of this internationally respected collaboration supporting the global science industry in its efforts to improve human health, protect the environment and reduce animal testing. 


Identify your Organisation as Socially Responsible

Working with Lhasa Limited software reduces the need for in vivo testing, therefore acknowledging and acting upon society’s wish to reduce animal testing.

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