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Lina Din, Business Partnerships Executive

Name: Lina Din

Job Title: Business Partnerships Executive

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Hi, my name is Lina Din and I have recently joined Lhasa as a Business Partnerships Executive. I have a BSc degree in Zoology and a Master’s degree in Parasitology with biomed. I graduated from the University of Salford in 2021, where I thoroughly enjoyed my educational experience. My dissertation was based on finding Coronaviruses in the liver of voles pre-COVID, where I converted RNA to cDNA to be assessed using qPCR.

I really enjoyed the practical side to my degree as much as I did the lecturing. I believe my passion for science has led me to Lhasa, where I can put my knowledge and passion to use to help improve the future of science through the innovation of expert knowledge-based software. Additionally, this job will allow me to travel and meet new people whilst working in an industry I am passionate about.

Outside of work, I enjoy eating out at nice restaurants, going for walks, shopping and having monthly harry potter marathons!

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