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Publishing about Lhasa?

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If you are writing a paper, poster or presentation about Lhasa Limited, the contents of this page are designed to help you.

What you need to know

If you are writing a publication that includes Lhasa Limited or its products, please contact the Applied Sciences Team, we would love to talk to you about it and have the opportunity to provide feedback ahead of publication. Please also bear in mind that if the publication refers to results of Lhasa Limited products, your licence agreement may require you to send it to us in advance of publication. 

Some details that may help you in writing about Lhasa Limited can be seen below.



When presenting Lhasa Limited products, please cite as described below. Suggested publications for each product are also highlighted.

Products should include the product name, version number used and the association to Lhasa Limited. For example "Derek Nexus v6.1 (Lhasa Limited)" and product names should be typed as you see below.

Derek Nexus:

For a general overview of Derek Nexus, we recommend citing the Marchant et al (2008) paper.

If considering skin sensitisation predictions in Derek Nexus, we recommend the paper by Langton et al (2006)Macmillan et al (2016) or Chilton et al (2018)

If considering ICH M7 predictions in Derek Nexus, we recommend the paper by Barber et al (2017) or Barber et al (2015).

Lhasa Carcinogenicity Database (LCDB):

If using carcinogenic potency (for example TD50) as a factor in the understanding of chemical risk assessment, we recommend: Thresher et al (2019)

Meteor Nexus:

For a general overview of Meteor Nexus, we recommend citing the Marchant et al (2008) paper.


For a general overview of Mirabilis, we recommend citing the Burns et al (2019) paper.

Sarah Nexus:

For an overview of the approach used by Sarah Nexus, we recommend citing the Hanser et al (2014) paper.

If considering ICH M7 predictions in Sarah Nexus, we recommend the paper by Barber et al (2017) or Barber et al (2015).


If using Vitic to investigate the mutagenic and carcinogenic potential of nitrosamines, we recommend citing Thresher et al 2020.


 For a general overview of Zeneth, we recommend citing the Ali et al (2018) paper.

This benchmarking study may also be of use - Kleinman et al (2014).


If you would like to use any of our logos for a publication, please get in touch with marketing who will be happy to help.

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