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The following links provide access to relevant publications for the last 2 years. If you would like to view older publications, or to refine your search criteria further please search the library.

Supporting more scientifically driven risk assessments under ICH Q3DNovember 2021pdf file
Introduction to ICH Q3D guidance_The move from heavy metal testing to ICH Q3DNovember 2021pdf file
Supporting more scientifically driven risk assessments under ICH Q3D: Elemental Impurities Data Sharing_Webinar RecordingNovember 2021
ICH Q3D Drug Product Elemental Risk Assessment: The use of an elemental impurities excipients databaseOctober 2021
Data Sharing Projects using Vitic [an infographic]April 2021pdf fileExcipientsIntermediatesVitic Nexus
Elemental Impurities 2020.1.0 Release NotesNovember 2020pdf file
Implementation of ICH Q3D in Product DevelopmentNovember 2020pdf file
Regulatory Acceptance of Risk-Based Control Strategies for ICH Q3D: Using Shared Elemental Impurities Data for Risk AssessmentsOctober 2019
Implementation of ICH Q3D in Product Development 2019August 2019pdf file
Elemental Impurities 2019.1.0 Release NotesJuly 2019pdf file
The Elemental Impurities Database for ExcipientsJune 2019pdf file
The Honest Broker's ChallengeJune 2019pdf fileVitic NexusExcipientsIntermediates
ICHQ3D Implementation: Use of published data driven risk assessmentsJune 2019pdf fileVitic Nexus
Elemental Impurities Data Sharing InitiativeMay 2019pdf file
Elemental Impurities 2018.1.0 Release NotesJuly 2018pdf file
Elemental Impurities Data Sharing InitiativeJuly 2018pdf fileVitic Nexus
Sharing Elemental Impurity Data for Excipients Aids ICH Q3D Risk AssessmentsJune 2018pdf file
Elemental Impurities Database for ExcipientsJune 2018pdf file
An Elemental Impurities Excipient Database: A Viable Tool for ICH Q3D Drug Product Risk AssessmentMay 2018
An Overview of Lhasa Limited Collaborative Data Sharing InitiativesOctober 2017pdf fileDerek NexusETOXExcipientsIntermediatesVitic NexusiPiEMeteor NexusMIP DILIMirabilisSarah NexusSetariaZeneth
Elemental Impurities - 47th ICGMOctober 2017pdf file
Elemental Impurities 2017.1.0 Release NotesMay 2017pdf file
Developments in Data SharingMarch 2017pdf file
Vitic Elemental Impurities FlyerJanuary 2017pdf file
Demonstration of the Vitic Elemental Impurities DatabaseDecember 2016
ICH Q3D: Practical implementation and the role of excipient data in a risk based approachDecember 2016

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