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The following links provide access to relevant publications for the last 2 years. If you would like to view older publications, or to refine your search criteria further please search the library.

2019 Pharmaceutical Industry and Regulators Symposium Recording - Day 2, Part 2August 2019
2019 Pharmaceutical Industry and Regulators Symposium Recording - Day 2, Part 3August 2019
2019 Pharmaceutical Industry and Regulators Symposium Recording - Day 2, Part 4August 2019
RDC53: Challenges on impurities qualificationJune 2019pdf fileDerek NexusSarah NexusVitic NexusZeneth
Zeneth: an in silico tool to aid identification of degradantsOctober 2018pdf fileZeneth
Meeting report, ICH M7 relevant workshop: use of (Q)SAR systems and expert judgmentSeptember 2018pdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Chapter 17: In Silico Drug Degradation PredicitonSeptember 2018Zeneth
ICH M7 Overview: Predicting, Assessing, and Controlling Mutagenic Impurities from DegradationJune 2018pdf file
Toxicity Studies for Degradation Impurities - An Industry PerspectiveJune 2018pdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
How Zeneth fits into ICH Q3DJune 2018pdf fileZeneth
The application of electrochemistry to pharmaceutical stability testing - Comparison with in silico prediction and chemical forced degradation approachesNovember 2017
In Silico Predictive Approaches to Degradation Using ZenethMay 2017pdf fileZeneth
Next Generation Zeneth: Software and Science ProposalsMay 2017Zeneth
In Silico Drug Degradation Assessment in Early Phase DevelopmentMarch 2016pdf fileZeneth
In Silico Prediction of Pharmaceutical Degradation Pathways: A Benchmarking StudyOctober 2014Zeneth
38th ICGM Product Update.pdfSeptember 2014pdf fileDerek NexusMeteor NexusSarah NexusVitic NexusZeneth
An Expert System To Predict the Forced Degradation of Organic MoleculesJuly 2013Zeneth
Collaborative Solutions to ICH M7.pdfJune 2013pdf fileDerek NexusSarah NexusVitic NexusZeneth
Reviewing advances in knowledge of drug degradation chemistry.pdfFebruary 2013pdf fileZeneth
In silico Prediction of Forced Degradation and interactions with excipients .pdfJanuary 2012pdf fileZeneth
An Approach Toward the Prediction of Chemical Degradation Pathways.pdfJune 2011pdf fileZeneth
Building an Expert Computer System to Predict Degradation PathwaysSeptember 2009pdf fileZeneth

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