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Dr. Jack Yung, Application Scientist

Name: Dr. Jack Yung

Job Title: Application Scientist

Get in touch: Hello@lhasalimited.org


My name is Jack and I joined Lhasa limited in October 2021 as an Application Scientist.  


I am an organic chemist who has completed a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Sheffield in 2016, an MSc in Chemistry from the University of Manchester in 2017 and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Manchester in 2021.


My 4-year PhD (2017-2021) was supervised by Prof. Simon Webb at the University of Manchester and was funded by the medical wound dressing company ConvaTec. My project was focused on the development of new "smart” wound dressings that could deliver therapeutic agents such as antimicrobial peptides and chitosan oligosaccharides or probe the biochemical processes of a wound using fluorescent probes or fluorescent chelators. This was achieved by the attachment of a target molecule or biomolecule to the globally used AQUACEL™ wound dressing range using a new type of chemical methodology that was developed by myself and Prof. Simon Webb. This chemical methodology was patented in July 2021 (Br. Patent., GB 2110867.5, 2021.). 


Outside of work, I love playing football, I have been playing regularly since the age of 5. I currently play for and organise several 5 and 7-aside football teams in Manchester. I am also a huge LFC fan. During the weekend, I like to explore the Manchester music scene.

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