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Dr. Ioannis Xanthis, Senior Application Scientist

Name:  Dr. Ioannis Xanthis
Job Title: Senior Application Scientist

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My name is Ioannis and I joined Lhasa Limited as Application Scientist in September 2021.

I am a Molecular Biologist and after finishing my Master’s degree in Reproductive Science and Women’s Health in UCL, I devoted three years to a PhD. project, partly based in the Institute for in silico Medicine- University of Sheffield, studying cardiovascular biomechanics. I then moved to Yale University (USA) to continue my postdoctoral studies on heart disease. Before joining Lhasa, I was a research assistant in the School of Engineering and Materials Science at QMUL focusing on both academic research and teaching of students. During my academic career, I also developed the understanding of other aspects of science, including the economic considerations, intellectual property and implementation of policy and health and safety regulations. I participated in the Environment Young Entrepreneurs Scheme where I was selected as a finalist and in the Northern Biotech Consulting Case Competition, where our team awarded the second prize.

The potential to utilise all the skills that I have developed as a scientist working in different fields, such as biochemistry, cancer biology and biophysics to contribute to Lhasa’s vision, fills me with motivation. I believe that my constant desire to challenge myself fits perfectly with Lhasa’s philosophy and continuous efforts in order to make people’s life better.

Outside of work, I love CrossFit and cooking- two opposite “sports” that complete each other. I also enjoy travelling around the world and exploring new cuisines. 


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