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11 January 2017



Webinar - Mirabilis: Scientifically Robust Purge Factor Calculations for Potentially Genotoxic Impurities in a Synthetic Route


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Mirabilis is a knowledge-based software that can estimate the purge of potentially mutagenic impurities (PMI) in drug synthesis. The assessment and control of mutagenic impurities is a key requirement during the development of new drug candidates intended for clinical use.

Mirabilis allows users to enter a full synthetic scheme and identify the PMIs of concern. Based on empirical data, Mirabilis generates a reactivity purge factor for each PMI. These purge factors are included in a report that is suitable for inclusion in a regulatory submission.

This vICGM gave an overview of Mirabilis and why it is particularly useful for ICH M7 submissions.

Following the introduction and overview of Mirabilis by Dr. Martin Ott, Principal Scientist at Lhasa Limited, a demonstration of the software was given by Alison Reeves, Sales Executive at Lhasa Limited.

A recording of Martin's section of this webinar has been added below.

If you would like a demonstration of the software, please contact info@lhasalimited.org


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