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11 April 2018

Webinar - An Update from the Science Team: Ames Mutagenicity, Negative Predictions and Skin Sensitisation


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Three Lhasa Scientists presented an overview of four posters from the 2018 SOT 57th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. Covering a range of topics, including: using Ames test data to aid expert review of in silico predictions, making negative predictions for Skin Sensitisation, and the use of Derek nexus in a Defined Approach.

Please see recordings of these presentations below. 

Strain Profiles: Moving beyond binary Ames ClassificationDr Adrian Fowkes

Outlining how Ames strain profiles have been created and are displayed within Sarah Nexus. Strain profiles support expert review of predictions from in silico systems by enabling the expert to rapidly assess if sufficient testing has been performed.

Addressing the challenge of making negative predictions for skin sensitisation - Dr Martyn Chilton

A discussion of the implementation of negative predictions for Skin Sensitisation in Derek Nexus. Including information about the skin sensitisation negative dataset, performance data, and case studies.

A Defined Approach to Skin Sensitisation: Integrating Derek Nexus with in chemico/in vitro assays based on applicability domainDr Donna Macmillan

EU legislation such as REACH and the Cosmetics Regulation necessitates the use of non-animal alternatives for the prediction of skin sensitisation. Research at Lhasa Limited has focussed on combining multiple data sources into a defined approach e.g. Derek Nexus and in chemico/in vitro assays.

Derek Nexus and the Prediction of Human Skin Sensitisation Potential: An EvaluationDr Donna Macmillan

This poster illustrates the results of an evaluation of Derek Nexus in its ability to predict skin sensitisation in humans. The study was completed using two external datasets containing nearly 400 chemicals with well-characterised human data. 

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