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Nonclinical Carcinogenicity Studies: Fundamentals, Case Studies and Regulatory Trends

Dr. Susanne Stalford, Lhasa Principal Scientist, is presenting within a Pharmaceutical & BioScience Society workshop, on the topic of Nonclinical Carcinogenicity Studies.

The workshop will include presentations from regulatory and industry perspectives, on topics relating to carcinogenicity assessment of pharmaceuticals, including:

  • The challenges faced with carcinogenicity assessments, in the development of pharmaceuticals
  • Regulatory and industry perspectives on the ICH S1B(R1) carcinogenicity guideline
  • Protocols to support an ICH S1B weight of evidence (WOE) assessment
  • High dose selection by clinical exposure rations, in the rasH2-Tg mouse study
  • Use of a carcinogenicity adverse outcome pathway (AOP) network to conduct a WOE assessment.

Susanne’s contribution is to the topic of using of a carcinogenicity AOP network to conduct an ICH S1B WOE assessment, which will include a case study example.

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