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Joint Immunotoxicology & Chemical Allergy (ITCASS) & European Research Group on Experimental Contact Dermatitis (ERGECD) Meeting

We are thrilled to be sponsoring the 11th meeting of Immunotoxicology & Chemical Allergy (ITCASS) and the 30th meeting of European Research Group on Experimental Contact Dermatitis (ERGECD) 2024.

Due to be held at Liverpool Medical Institution & Conference Centre, the event will be made up of small informal meetings between experts in the fields of immunotoxicity, skin toxicology and immunology, and contact dermatitis. All attendees will be encouraged to present their most recent research advances.

Lhasa Scientist Pooja Tomar and Lhasa Principal Scientist Martyn Chilton, will be presenting in the ‘Skin sensitisation and risk assessment II’ session on the morning of Friday 14th. They will be discussing:

  • Exploring a framework to conduct expert review of skin sensitisation data and predictive models
  • Evaluating skin sensitisation defined approaches with novel NAM data: performance and case studies