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Identifying the formation of nitrosamines via degradation pathways using an in-silico approach

Ensuring the safety of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is of great importance. A critical aspect of this process involves the identification and mitigation of potentially mutagenic impurities, like nitrosaminesOur in silico tool Zeneth has been used within exploratory formulation departments to understand and account for potential degradation problems within the API at an early stage, resulting in advanced understanding of possible degradants.

In our recent webinar we found out how to use Zeneth to detect degradation problems early in the drug development workflow, with an overview by Lhasa Scientist, Lawrence Tam, followed by real-life case studies demonstrating how Dr Manoj Kumar Singh and Rimita Chakraborty, expert guest speakers from MircroLabs, use Zeneth to support nitrosamine risk assessment.

This event featured presentations followed by a Q&A session facilitated by Principal Scientist, Dr Rachel Hemingway – lead scientist for Zeneth.