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Genetic Toxicology Association Annual Meeting

The Genetic Toxicology Association (GTA) held its annual scientific meeting April 10-12th, in Delaware, Newark.

Principal Scientist, Susanne Stalford presented a poster in collaboration with Toxys, the poster is titled ‘Association of the ToxTracker® Assay to Genotoxicity Adverse Outcome Pathways’. ToxTracker® is a next generation stem-cell based assay that utilises a combination of six unique fluorescent reporter genes. Each of these genes are linked to the activation of cellular stress responses, which provide mechanistic insight into the mode of action (MoA) of compounds tested. The assay utilises a framework of genotoxicity AOPs from Kaptis – our in silico solution which uses adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) to organise knowledge.

Senior Global Alliance Manager, Grace Kocks, Senior Application Scientist, Toni Rogers and Principal Scientist, David Ponting, also attended.