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Annual Genetic Toxicology Association Meeting

We were delighted to attend the Annual Meeting of the GTA; Current Regulatory and Scientific Issues in Genetic Toxicology, at the University of Delaware!

Taking place from 3rd to 5th May, this meeting offered an opportunity for scientists from different types of organizations to exchange knowledge, ideas, views and insights concerning the science of genetic toxicology and any regulatory updates in the area.

Lhasa Limited Principal Scientist, Dr. Susanne Stalford gave a talk titled ‘Using Adverse Outcome Pathways as a Framework for Carcinogenicity Assessment in ICH S1B(R1)’. In addition, Principal Scientist, Dr. Robert Foster presented a poster titled, ‘Defining boundaries: which N-nitroso compounds might not belong in the cohort of concern?‘.

Principal Application Scientist, Grace Kocks and Senior Application Scientist, Ioannis Xanthis attended to support the Lhasa booth.