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Zeneth Webinar Series – Zeneth, the trusted predictive degradation expert: Industry use cases and new science

We were delighted to bring you a 2022 Global Zeneth Webinar series.

Our Zeneth webinar series ran throughout June 2022 and consisted of a total of 7 Zeneth focused webinars held at different time, and in some cases, different languages, to accommodate different audiences around the world.

The main topics discussed in this webinar were:

– How Zeneth works, and how Zeneth is aligned with regulatory guidelines
– Mechanistic understanding of degradation pathways
– Use case: Identification of experimentally observed degradation products
– Use case: Formulation compatibility and important inputs for excipients selection
– Use case: packaging impurities interaction products (extractables and leachables) – inputs for packaging selection
– Use case: Mass balance deviation troubleshooting – inputs for your analytical method
– Predicting potential nitrosamine degradation products