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24 February 2022

2022 Webinar | Controlling potentially mutagenic impurities - hear from industry experts!


2022 Webinar | Controlling potentially mutagenic impurities - hear from industry experts!

We are delighted to welcome Andrew Teasdale PhD and Muzaffar Khan PhD to present within our webinar; Controlling potentially mutagenic impurities - hear from industry experts!

Andrew is currently the chair of AstraZeneca’s Impurity Advisory Board and has a wealth of knowledge developed over the last 20 years of working within the pharmaceutical industry. He is a leading AZ expert for a number of key impurity areas, including mutagenic impurities (MIs).

Muzaffar is a Senior General Manager within Regulatory Affairs at Laurus Labs Limited - an Indian pharmaceutical and biotechnology company headquartered in Hyderabad. Muzaffar has significant experience of using Mirabilis for proposing pragmatic control strategies for Potential Mutagenic Impurities (PMIs), whilst improving Laurus Labs' ICH M7 compliance and meeting regulatory expectations.  

The webinar will include a presentation from both Andrew and Muzaffar - covering an introduction to purge calculations and Mirabilis, plus real-life experience of employing ICH M7 control options 3 + 4, using Mirabilis. The presentations will be followed by a short Mirabilis software demonstration - which will be provided by Sara Atkinson, Lhasa Senior Business Development Manager - and a live Q&A session.

This virtual event will begin at 9:30 GMT (15:00 IST) and will last approximately 90 minutes.

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