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18 February 2021



2021 Webinar | An overview of Effiris 2.1; An enhanced qualitative model suite for anticipating and mitigating adverse drug reactions.


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Effiris delivers state-of-the-art secondary pharmacology models, where each model has had the opportunity to learn from the private data of all pharmaceutical collaborators. As a result, Effiris overcomes one of the main challenges facing model development in drug discovery - leveraging the breadth of available high-quality proprietary data.

The presenters for this webinar are Lhasa Limited Science Team Leader, Dr. Adrian Fowkes and Product Owner, Phil Rowell.

Adrian and Phil will focus on...
...how federated QSAR models for secondary pharmacology endpoints can be appropriately trained from multi-party data, including proprietary and public sources. The webinar will also include a demonstration of the new features being delivered in this enhanced version of Effiris.

You will be interested in attending if...
...you build or use QSAR models for profiling compounds against secondary pharmacology targets
...you are considering adding Effiris and its knowledge sharing capabilities to your existing modelling portfolio.

We're hosting this virtual event live at two separate times:
Register here for 10:00-11:00 GMT
- Register here for 16:00-17:00 GMT (11:00-12:00 EST).


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