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23 - 24 September 2021



2021 ICH M7 Guideline for Genotoxicity Impurities, Software Evaluation Seminar


ICH M7 Guideline for Genotoxicity Impurities Software Evaluation Seminar

Lhasa Limited has members across the globe, and to support members in China, we work with Cloud Scientific.
Lhasa and Cloud Scientific are co-hosting an event, comprising of talks in Chinese (Mandarin) and English. 

In this seminar, professionals from Lhasa Limited and Kang Yusheng will evaluate the application of Lhasa's solutions to meet the ICH M7 guidelines, and will explain how to deal with impurities based on a large amount of toxicological knowledge provided by Derek and Sarah Nexus, using case studies. Dr. Qingfen Zhu, from the Shandong Institute of Food and Drug Inspection will share his knowledge of basic toxic impurities. In addition, we will discuss with Lhasa experts how to evaluate and control nitrosamine impurities mentioned in the M7 guidelines. Zhu Zifeng, deputy general manager of Mingjie Pharmaceuticals, will also share their research experience on nitrosamine impurities in drugs.

Come and join our FREE event, to discuss the research on genotoxic impurities and help domestic pharmaceutical R&D and production companies improve their research on impurity genotoxicity.

If you're based in China / have any colleagues based in China who would like to attend, register now on Cloud Scientific's website using the button below!

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