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Dr. Gabriela Silveira, Senior Application Scientist

Name: Dr. Gabriela Silveira

Job Title: Senior Application Scientist

Get in Touch: hello@lhasalimited.org

Gabriela Silveira Staff Profile Pic

My name is Gabriela and I joined Lhasa Limited as Senior Application Scientist in August 2022.

I am a strongly science-driven Toxicologist with both academic and professional background in Toxicological Sciences. After devoting myself to Master’s and Ph.D. studies in the field of Analytical Toxicology, I decided to pursue a career developing toxicological risk assessments for the pharmaceutical industry, which soon became a passion.

Before joining Lhasa I worked as an Independent Consultant in 2020 and a Toxicologist at União Química Farmacêutica Nacional S/A in 2021. Those experiences made me become familiar with ICH, FDA and EMA guidelines, the evaluation of toxicity endpoints related to genotoxicity and carcinogenicity, and to the use of in silico tools.

I feel deeply inspired by the work developed at Lhasa, since as a Toxicologist I admire initiatives aimed to protect human health from exposure to potentially toxic chemicals, and as a former academic, I am an enthusiast of passing on knowledge.

In my free time, I love meeting with friends for a nice cup of specialty coffee, a pint of craft beer or an adventurous not-very-well-planned trip. I also nurture a passion for old films which I do not always completely understand.

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