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The importance of sharing knowledge for innovation

“When you are innovating, ultimately it comes down to how that innovation is used by the end user… Where does the problem really lie before you dive in and propose a technology solution?”

Peter Bannister, Technology Advisory Community Consultant at Endava.

Here at Lhasa, we take this concept to heart. Our focus extends beyond creating software; we want to understand the needs of the people who use it. As a non-profit organization and educational charity, we’re also big advocates of sharing data among our members (software users) and the broader scientific community. This, we believe, is the foundation of innovation.

Collaborative innovation is all about bringing organizations together to tackle shared questions. It’s about thinking differently and involving a diverse range of people to make our organizations and industries stronger. Organizations that embrace innovation are open to new concepts, perspectives, and ideas. As Joe Dunleavy, VP and Head of Innovation at Endava expressed “I’m a believer in not reinventing the wheel. True collaboration is to get an awareness of what others are doing. Innovating together usually results in a better outcome. Knowledge held is never a positive thing for the human race. Knowledge shared for a greater good is usually a better outcome.”

We were honoured to have Peter Bannister and Joe Dunleavy from Endava share their insights on innovation during a technology day at our head office in Leeds. The lecture highlighted the importance of embracing change and growth through partnerships and knowledge sharing. You can read more about our recent tech-focused events, including our software crafters evening and Leeds Digital Festival panel discussion.

Mo Anoshehpour, Head of Software Development at Lhasa explains why we wanted innovation to be the focal point for our technology day. “One of the ways to ignite innovation is to take a break from our routine activities and zoom out to see the big picture and focus on our vision. At Lhasa, we value knowledge sharing and effective collaboration among our expert teams, and that is why we organize Technology Day. However, Technology Day is not only a platform to share insights and good practices, but also an opportunity to think big and explore new possibilities by inviting subject matter experts from different domains to present their ideas and discuss how they can be applied to our work.”

In a collaborative setting, like what we strive for at Lhasa, teams tap into their strengths and work together towards a common goal. This saves time, combines resources, and encourages fresh approaches to existing problems. Collaboration is about bringing together people with varied expertise and backgrounds to tackle complex issues. Often, it’s only through collaboration and knowledge sharing that seemingly impossible innovations become possible.

The core message here is that innovation thrives on knowledge sharing. Innovation is all about creating value, and this is only possible through the exchange of knowledge. Organizations that promote knowledge sharing have the power to fuel innovation.

At Lhasa, we are dedicated to nurturing and expanding our diverse and talented staff. If you’re interested in being part of an organization that is passionate about driving innovation through collaboration and knowledge sharing, check our careers page for current opportunities.

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