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Moving with the times; Lhasa’s cloud offerings

In a world where we are all striving for progress, technology is also advancing quickly.

Like many organisations across the life sciences industry – evidenced by > 80 Amazon Web Service (AWS) life sciences case studies –  Lhasa has adopted cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS), options across three notable areas:

  • Mirabilis – reducing analytical testing by calculating purge factors of potentially mutagenic impurities
  • Vitic  – providing rapid access to high-quality toxicity data from both published and proprietary sources
  • Kaptis – supporting risk assessment in the context of adverse outcome pathways.

The primary aim of offering cloud options to our members (software users) is to streamline software installation, backups and updates. Most readers will be familiar with sitting on an exciting (yes, exciting!) software installation and adding a request to the long IT support queue for installation.

By utilising the Lhasa cloud, we can remove this inconvenience and significantly reduce the time/ effort burden associated with non-SaaS updates.

Lhasa’s SaaS model also allows us to work directly with users to quickly troubleshoot any issues. Supporting our slogan; Shared knowledge, shared progress – there is scope for Lhasa to monitor any technical issues in more detail in future to enhance and speed up issue diagnostics and consequently resolution – and potentially introduce proactive preventative measures to avoid issues before they arise.

If you have followed our cloud journey to date, you will know that we initially migrated our server-based software Vitic and Mirabilis to the cloud in 2018. The knowledge gained through this transition has enhanced the approach which we’ve taken for our newer product, Kaptis, which has been designed as a cloud application with the plan to share continuous release updates with Kaptis users as they happen – increasing the speed at which the benefits of Kaptis updates can be realised.

Is your organisation moving with the times?

Please get in touch for more information about how the Lhasa Cloud could work for you.

Written by Ally Reeves with technical input from Tom Greensmith.

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