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Attendee insights from our Software Crafters Leeds meet-up

We were delighted by the incredible enthusiasm shown by participants at our Software Crafters Leeds event, co-hosted with Codurance. Exploring scientific software development bought together keen coders of all levels for a customised coding-dojo, demonstrating how software can be built to predict complex scientific outcomes.

At Lhasa, we understand the significance of knowledge-sharing as a driving force for innovation. This event offered a platform to embrace this principle within the broader tech community, where enthusiasts exchanged ideas through an engaging workshop.

Read on for more insights shared by the event attendees.

We asked Maomao Wang, a PhD student at Futural Advanced Metrology Hub in Huddersfield, what he enjoyed most about the event, here’s what Maomao had to say, “The experience was superb, I engaged in discussions with experienced developers that evening. The staff at Lhasa, along with their partners, provided us with a safe, warm, and relaxing environment for discussion. One of the primary values of this activity lies in its ability to connect excellent developers with the most advanced research findings in medical fields. After participating in the session, more researchers will be encouraged to engage with the development community, discovering how to turn brilliant ideas into good products that improve people’s everyday life”.

The event showed that there is a real appetite within the local tech community to learn and develop coding skills. Attendee, Surinda Sekhon, shared this sentiment, “What I really enjoyed about the evening, and these types of meet ups, is meeting like-minded people with a thirst for knowledge. It’s great to witness how differently they perceive a complex problem and look for solutions”.

Curiosity is a core value at Lhasa, driving innovation, fostering personal growth, and contributing to a collaborative workplace culture.

Jenn Larrieu, Delivery Manager at Lhasa, reflects on the benefits of embracing new challenges, “I thoroughly appreciated the setup of the exercise and the collaborative efforts of Lhasa experts in making it engaging and inclusive. Participating in a kata that delved into a scientific domain was a new experience for me, and working alongside newfound friends to share knowledge and progress was truly unique. The presenters articulated the exercise seamlessly, and despite many of us lacking prior experience in the scientific industry, we felt welcomed and competent; we were guided every step of the way. Confronting this extraordinary exercise was challenging but it allowed me to recognise the extent of my growth in software development. Engaging in this exercise has significantly boosted my confidence in my development journey!”.

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