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  • Supporting N nitrosamine risk assessments for drug products
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    Supporting N-nitrosamine risk assessments for drug products

    N-Nitrosamine risk assessment and control have become an integral part of pharmaceutical drug product development. In this article, we discuss 3 key stages of risk assessment: identifying the source of risk, determining the level of activity and mitigating the risk. Discover how our in silico tools can be used to support informed decision making on chemical safety, in this blog article.


    25 July 2022

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    Nitrites in Excipients Data Sharing Consortium: Supporting Nitrosamine Risk Assessment

    Nitrite analysis of excipients is a new and analytically challenging area, with many organisations working quickly to determine the best practice and techniques to use.

    The Nitrites in Excipients data sharing consortium was established in September 2020 and is part of Lhasa Limited's effort to support the global challenge of nitrosamine risk assessment.

    22 February 2022

  • 20 tips for nitrosamine impurity assessment

    20 tips for nitrosamine impurity assessment

    Many readers will be aware of the risk posed by nitrosamine impurities, as an ongoing pharmaceutical industry hot topic. In July 2021 ANVISA published their guidance for assessment and control of potentially carcinogenic nitrosamines in active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products. To discuss this topic, we invited knowledgeable speakers from ANVISA, Industry - GSK and Libbs Farmacêutica - and Lhasa to give their perspectives on this topic. This article details the top 20 take away points from the workshop for quick and easy consumption - enjoy!

    05 August 2021

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    The top 5 benefits of data sharing with Vitic [an infographic]

    Lhasa Limited has been an advocate of data sharing for many years. In this piece, we explore the top 5 benefits of data sharing with Vitic.

    08 April 2021

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