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    How Human Resources can positively influence a changing work environment.

    The world of work is changing. My goodness is that an understatement! Never have I truly felt that we are working in what is described as a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world as much as I do right now.

    18 January 2021

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    How to make mutagenicity assessment a simpler task

    A key requirement of ICH M7 is to use two complementary (Q)SAR methodologies, one expert rule-based and the second statistical-based. This blog article recognises the benefits provided when in silico systems are integrated to provide a full ICH M7 assessment in one environment.

    Discover how Lhasa Limited can help make mutagenicity assessment a simpler task, in this article!

    15 September 2021

  • Lhasa Limited CEO Dr Chris Barber reflects on 2020 and shares plans for the year ahead
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    Lhasa Limited CEO, Dr. Chris Barber, reflects on 2020 and shares plans for the year ahead

    The global pandemic has undoubtedly had a huge impact on many companies in 2020, Lhasa is no exception.

    14 January 2021

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    Sharing knowledge is easy: A summary of Lhasa’s India Roadtrip

    There is no perfect formula when it comes to trying to organise any kind of work trip. Normally, you have to engage through a series of mental gymnastics to try and balance semi-quantifiable concepts such as ‘return on investment’ and ‘value’.

    Let’s take ‘value’ for instance. Is the value of the trip based on a new sale? The time spent out of the office? Establishing a personal contact to secure existing business? Ensuring that the product that you’re supporting is used and understood to the maximum capacity?

    Now balance that with travelling halfway across the planet, rather than a quick hop on the Eurostar.

    Read more about our trip to India earlier this year.

    15 June 2020

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    Understanding the users' needs

    Building software and providing services that meet the needs of the user was central to the unique way in which Lhasa was founded and is still very much at the core of how we operate.

    11 December 2020

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    What it takes to make great software

    The creation of great software cannot be achieved using a single pre-determined set of rules, if it could, everyone would follow those rules and it would be straightforward. 

    15 September 2020

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