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A day in the life of a Software Delivery Team Leader at Lhasa Limited

A day in the life of a Software Delivery Team Leader at Lhasa Limited

Hello, my name is Daragh Connolly, I am one of the several Team Leaders in the Software Delivery function at Lhasa Limited.

My role has several aspects to it, but I think that the main objective is to ensure timely delivery of our software. This involves everything from strategy to people management, to technical decisions and, I am glad to say, some actual coding.

Each day is very different, and time spent on each task can vary depending on the priorities for that day. So here is a look at what a typical day as a Software Delivery Team Leader at Lhasa Limited can look like!



I usually get up at 7:30am but one of the joys of working at Lhasa is the flexible working arrangements. This means that, as long as we work our hours and complete our work, we can start at a time that suits our schedule, even if this varies every day. A shower and I am ready for work.


As an early bird, I am usually at my desk by 8am. I give a quick shout out to whoever else is online and then catch up on instant messages and emails. If there is anything I need to deal with that day I will make a note of it allowing me to then prioritise my tasks for the day. If there is anything urgent, I will immediately start with that.

At this point, I might have a bit of breakfast and a coffee!!

09.00am/ 10.00am

If this is a day where I have catch ups with my team, then this is the time they would start. I have regularly scheduled catch ups with the individual members of my team. I tend to have these in the morning and generally have several of them one after the other.

Catch ups are a great opportunity to check in with each individual team members one on one to find out how they are doing both personally and professionally. Working remotely has been more difficult for some than for others. Lhasa places a large emphasis on the wellbeing of staff, so it is important that we talk regularly, share how we are doing and try to help those who are struggling. Catch ups are also a good time for checking on the career progress of each team member, ensuring that they have the help, resources and encouragement that they need to reach their potential.


Time for our Daily Scrum Meeting. This follows the normal Scrum procedure where we discuss what we have been doing and what we will do that day to try to reach the sprint goal. If we identify any potential blockers, I take note of these and begin work on them immediately to ensure the team can progress.


During this time, I would work on removing blockers and other things from my prioritised list.



Time for lunch. Lunch depends on the day and whatever is in the fridge when working from home. Sometimes it might be soup, sometimes it is something more substantial left over from the previous evening, I might even venture up to the village and get something from the local deli. In any case, I seldom take more than half an hour.


Continue working on my list of to-dos, this may now include some coding or technical investigation.


After lunch there are frequently meetings to attend of one type or another – current project meetings; upcoming project meetings; company briefings; SD meetings. Team Leader meetings are a useful platform for all the Software Delivery Team Leaders to discuss issues and solutions.


Time for our daily team virtual tea break. We have a standing meeting set up where team members can connect via video to have a drink and a chat about non-work-related matters. In the absence of a water cooler to crowd around, this is a nice way for us to maintain social bonds.


Into the home stretch now. Whatever needs to be done for the day gets done in this last period. It may be coding, sorting out issues for the team, planning for future projects or completing tasks that have cropped up during the day. It might even be something like writing a “Day in the Life” document!


This is the time when I start packing up for the day, writing tomorrows plan and closing down any tasks.



Phone my boys and see how their day has gone, think about what to eat that night and maybe do a little shopping if necessary.

During this time, I will also catch up on personal emails and maybe play a little keyboard (I recently got a new one!).


TV, social media, music. Phone my boys to wish them goodnight.


Time for bed!

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