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A day in the life of a Junior Software Developer at Lhasa Limited

A day in the life of a Junior Software Developer at Lhasa Limited

Hello, my name is Fabrizio Campo.

I work in the Software Delivery department at Lhasa Limited, as a Junior Software Developer.

My role aims to provide continuous support and assistance to the Development Team. This includes software design and coding, participating in paired programming activities, attending design meetings, troubleshooting software issues, fixing bugs, optimizing code, and on occasion, implementing something from scratch.

As I’m in an entry level position, it is important for me to continue growing and learning, so I dedicate a lot of my time to personal development, often attending training courses.

Here is my typical day as a Junior Software Developer at Lhasa Limited.



Thanks to Lhasa’s flexible working hours I can start my working day at a time that suits my morning routine! I usually take a shower, have breakfast and get ready to start work at around 9am.

9.00am – 10.00am

If I am working from home, the first thing I’ll do is check my messages and respond to any that have come in outside of my usual working hours.

If I am in the office, I will have a look around and say hi to whoever else is in. It is important for me to start the day with kindness and build positive relationships with my colleagues.

I like to be on top of things and stay organised, especially when hybrid working. In the morning, I will always check to see if I have received any instant messages on Teams and see if someone needs a hand or if there are any updates regarding the projects that I am working on. Then, I will check my emails to see if anything urgent that needs to take priority has come up.

After that I will open my development environment and online tools to check the progress of the scrum board. I will then get ready for a morning catch up with the Nexus team by revising the agenda topics.


The daily catch up with the project team is essential as it allows us to provide progress reports and make sure everything is running smoothly, acquiring the latest updates on the project.


Once the meeting is over, I will enjoy a cup of Lhasa’s complementary tea or coffee and spend some time in our amazing second floor kitchen, which has recently been refurbished.

The kitchen is the perfect spot to have a break with colleagues, relax on the sofa, read a book, or bring your laptop to do some work.

Following my coffee break, I will make sure to answer all of the important emails I have from that morning, before it comes to my favourite part of the day!

10.30am – 12.00pm

If I have a task assigned to complete, I will start coding the program, and if there is something I have struggled with, I will look for a solution to overcome the issue on my own. However, if there is anything that I am not sure about, I will seek help from a colleague or request a double-check and resolve the problem within the team.

It is always important to learn and to try and gain more experience. As a Junior Software Developer, I am never afraid to ask questions as I believe being open to feedback and demonstrating a positive, can-do attitude is a professional way to acquire new knowledge and enhance your skills.

During my first few months at Lhasa, there have been some moments in which I did not have tasks assigned, so I took the opportunity to attend some pair-programming sessions with other team members. This enables collaborative working and supports the discussion on how to proceed with the development of certain tasks, or implementation of new features.

I have learned so much during these sessions and I always take notes during the process to refer back to in future.



For me, this is the right time to take a break and free up my mind before coming back to an afternoon of work. Lhasa’s office is located in a wonderful spot in Leeds city centre, just next to the canal. Having lunch at our big yet cosy office kitchen is convenient, considering the supermarket is very close.

If I am in the office, I will sometimes take a short walk or enjoy lunch with my colleagues in the pub nearby.

If I am working from home, I might take my time to cook some Italian recipes (what would you expect from an Italian?!). I also like to experiment with different cuisines, so it depends on what I am fancying!


I will usually have meetings after lunch which vary day-by-day. Sometimes it can be a review and retrospective, a backlog pruning, a company briefing, a workshop, a one-to-one with my line manager or a meeting with the Gold Team.


When I am not attending meetings, I keep working on my tasks. I recently joined the Vitic team, where I am able to choose a task to work on from the back log.

The Vitic team don’t have a scheduled catch up every day, but we always communicate and update one another via online communication apps. A developer session can sometimes be short, but it can also be more time-consuming than expected, sometimes taking a whole afternoon, you never know!


If I can finish my work on time with no other tasks, I will dedicate this time for training and personal development.

I have so far attended tutorials on, Agile, SpringBoot, Angular, Tailwind, Rich Target Platform, and many others since I joined the company. I will be joining more training courses provided by Lhasa soon, either on technical or soft skills.

Another strategy I adopt to seek improvement is to hop on calls from my team to discuss technical issues. Within these meetings I try to offer solutions for any issues that arise, it gives me a better understanding of the problem and allows me to be well-prepared to handle similar cases in the future.


Before going home, I will take some time to review my notes, answer any remaining emails, update my timesheet, organise upcoming tasks, and check my calendar to see what the next day looks like.



At this time I am usually on the train and on my way home following a grocery shop. Once I am home, I will eat some snacks, do some housework, and get ready for the gym or an outdoor run.

If I am not exercising, I like to hang out with my friends. But sometimes I prefer to stay at home relaxing, watching Netflix or YouTube.


No fixed schedule at this time, I can still be out with friends or family having dinner somewhere or relaxing at home.


I am usually already in my room listening to music or watching a film at this time, before going to bed.

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