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We accelerate discovery within the life sciences

We accelerate the discovery pipeline of the life sciences industry by enabling scientifically robust decisions to be made faster through advanced analytics which are informed by our position as the industry’s honest broker.

Our technology is uniquely designed by scientists, for scientists, and is developed in collaboration with industry stakeholders and regulators. Our not-for-profit status ensures that our sole focus is helping our members to be successful and thereby delivering public benefit. 

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Why we do it

Shared Knowledge, Shared Progress

We believe in innovation through collaboration. This drives our passion to be the world leader for knowledge and data sharing in chemistry and the life sciences. 

Collaboration and Data Sharing at Lhasa Limited


  • Streamlining the drug development process
  • Reducing animal testing
  • Standardising approaches across industry
  • Safeguarding human health
  • Sharing knowledge to reduce duplication of effort.

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Sponsors of Lhasa Limited software also become our members, and therefore have the opportunity to contribute to the future of Lhasa Limited software and the company. 

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Our story 

We were founded on the revolutionary idea of sharing proprietary chemical knowledge to deliver mutual benefit for all. Today we still embrace this concept in order to deliver transparent, scientifically robust and innovative software solutions based on our ethos of “shared knowledge, shared progress”. 

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Our position

We are committed to the development and use of computer-aided systems for the advancement and acceleration of discovery in chemistry and the life sciences. Our scientifically robust software and exceptional support is made possible by our talented and committed employees and proactive engagement with our members.


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Tagline - Shared knowledge, shared progress

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