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Dr. Steven Canipa, Research Cheminformatician

Name: Dr. Steven Canipa

Job Title: Research Cheminformatician

My name is Steve and I work as a Cheminformatician in the Research Group at Lhasa Limited.

I have a background in organic chemistry, having completed an MChem at the University of York in 2005, with my final year spent at Helsinki University in Finland. I stayed on in York to carry out a PhD in Organic Chemistry, working in Peter O’Brien’s research group to develop new methodology for asymmetric synthesis.

After completing my PhD in 2010, I left bench chemistry behind me and joined Lhasa as a Knowledge Scientist. During my time in the Knowledge Team, I was fortunate to work on a variety of interesting and challenging projects, including the implementation of new Derek alerts for several endpoints (including skin sensitisation, mutagenicity and chromosome damage) and the development of adverse outcome pathways for mitochondrial toxicity and skin sensitisation.

In 2015 I moved into my current role as a Research Cheminformatician in the Molecular Informatics Team. In this role, I am responsible for the design and implementation of cheminformatic tools, intended to support the development of new predictive models for endpoints such as metabolism and toxicity.

View some of Steve's publications in our online library.

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