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Rushali Shinde, Application Scientist

Name: Rushali Shinde

Job Title: Application Scientist

I joined Lhasa in October 2022 as an Application Scientist.

I have done Diploma in Pharmacy and BSc. Chemistry (Drugs and Dyes) from Mumbai University, India. I am doing my masters in Pharmaceutical and Analytical Science from University of Huddersfield UK and certification in Pharmaceutical Global Regulatory Affairs. I have pharmaceutical regulatory background, making generic drug product submissions to USFDA from India.

While working on my master’s project – Alternatives to animal testing, I came across In-silico solutions provided by Lhasa Limited. Every 2nd research paper I read through, had mention of Derek Nexus and Sarah Nexus which made me more curious to know in depth about Lhasa In silico tools. Further, Lhasa’s vision - Shared Knowledge, Shared Progress for a cause of reduction in animal testing and duplication of work ultimately expediting drug discovery and development, lowering overall cost and time of R&D at the same time safeguarding human health fascinates me to work with Lhasa promoting In silico solutions and training support to members from wide range of industries.

Lhasa has given me a platform where I can bridge my regulatory experience and master’s studies. As an Application Scientist at Lhasa I will be acting as a centre point between science team, software solution engineers, regulators and members.

I love nature, like cooking, exploring new places, cultures and food. I spend my free time with my family and friends sharing good food and drinks.

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