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Raeesah Saddiq, Business Partnerships Manager


Name: Raeesah Saddiq

Job Title: Business Partnerships Manager

Get in Touch: info@lhasalimited.org


Hi, my name is Raeesah and I joined Lhasa in October 2019.

I graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 2019, with a Masters Degree in Chemistry. For my dissertation, I investigated the morphological features of hair (with an emphasis on fluorescence) and how they change when oxidised via bleach, to aid future drug testing research. This led to some novel discoveries which were published in the university’s FIELDS Journal in early 2020.

I loved experimental work however I wanted to have a career in a more customer facing role, which led me to Lhasa. My job allows me travel around the world meeting new people and attending conferences, whilst utilising my degree and love of chemistry.

Outside of work, I love going on walks in the Yorkshire countryside, following Formula 1 and falling down the rabbit hole on Netflix (anything Marvel is a sure win).

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