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Mukesh Patel, Science Team Leader

Name: Mukesh Patel

Job Title: Science Team Leader

My name is Mukesh and I am a Science Team Leader in the science team. I graduated with a BSc in Chemical Sciences from the University of Leeds in 1988. I then worked as a Research chemist for ICI Pharmaceuticals (which became Zeneca and then merged to form AstraZeneca) for six years before moving to Lhasa in 1995. I also gained an MSc in Chemoinformatics at the University of Sheffield in 2004 for which my dissertation project included a placement with the computational chemistry team at Eli Lilly.

My ever changing roles and responsibilities at Lhasa continue to make my time here enjoyable and prevent complacency setting it.  During my time at Lhasa I have managed, worked on and been part of a diverse range of projects. These include the development of Lhasa’s first PC based applications, collaborative projects with members, OECD and EU sponsored projects.  With respect to knowledge work, I have worked on a number of toxicity endpoints including Carcinogenicity, Skin Sensitisation, Teratogenicity, Mitochondrial Toxicity, and most recently, Hepatotoxicity and Mutagenicity. I have also dabbled in the analysis of microbial degradation, and mammalian metabolism.  I am looking forward to my latest venture in the area of process chemistry and purge factors.

Outside of work when not providing a taxi service for my children, I enjoy reading and spending time with family and friends. In terms of sporting activities I will occasionally try to stop my son beating me at squash.

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