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Mizuki Ebihara, Application Scientist

Name: Mizuki Ebihara

Job Title: Application Scientist

Get in touch: hello@lhasalimited.org

Konnichiwa, my name is Mizuki.

I graduated from the University of Hawaii in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry.

I joined Lhasa in July 2022 as an Application Scientist, supporting our members and distributers in Japan. I am excited about my role at Lhasa as the organisation has such a positive positioning as an industry honest broker, and I’m attracted by its core value of “shared knowledge, shared progress”.

As an Application Scientist based in Japan, I act as a bridge between the Science Team and our members in Japan. By building strong relationships and providing technical and scientific support, I help researchers at member organizations make decisions more comfortably and confidently.

I am very grateful to take this role as it is a great opportunity to work with many great scientists and continue to learn chemistry.

In my spare time, I enjoy solving a puzzle game called “sudoku”.


アプリケーションサイエンティストの蛯原瑞貴です。2021年にハワイ大学で化学の学士号を取得しました。大学在学中から、化学を学び続けられる職に就く事を希望していたことに加え、Lhasaが掲げる"shared knowledge, shared progress"という考えに魅力を感じたため、2022年に入社致しました。イギリス本社、アメリカのチームと協力しながら、弊社の製品を研究開発において最大限ご活用頂けるよう、日本にいらっしゃるユーザーの皆様を技術的、科学的面からサポートさせて頂いております。研究者の皆様に弊社の製品を通じて化合物の安全性に関する決定をより自信を持って行って頂けるよう、また私自身が研究者の皆様に信頼して頂ける人材になれるよう、日々精進して参ります。

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