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Fernanda Waechter, Principal Application Scientist

Name: Fernanda Waechter

Job Title: Principal Application Scientist

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My name is Fernanda and I joined Lhasa Limited as Principal Application Scientist in May 2021.

I am a Pharmacist, and my professional experience began in 2015 when I started working for a Pharmaceutical company in Brazil, called Prati-Donaduzzi. My experience in the Pharma industry has been mainly focused on the evaluation of drug master files for compliance with ICH and Anvisa’s regulations. In 2017 I moved to Sao Paulo to work at Ache Laboratorios, where I first had contact with Lhasa’s in silico systems and was attracted by them immediately.

While working at Ache, my master’s degree was a partnership with the University of Sao Paulo, through a project entitled “Risk assessment of potentially mutagenic impurities in anti-hypertensive drug products approved in Brazil”. This project allowed me to get more experience with ICH M7 and purge calculations. Also, it prompted me to start creating scientific videos about these and other subjects related to my work, which are all freely available on my YouTube channel. Making videos and delivering presentations is a passion of mine, so I feel really inspired by Lhasa’s ethos of “shared knowledge, shared progress”, and it’s one of the main motivations that led me to join Lhasa’s team.

In my free time I love being with nature, practicing yoga and watching the sky. I also enjoy hanging out with friends, listening to music and dancing. 

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