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Dr. Jessica Magallanes Castaneda, Software Developer

Jessica Magallanes Castaneda Profile Picture

Name: Dr. Jessica Magallanes-Castaneda

Job Title: Software Developer

My name is Jessica, I am Mexican, from a beautiful town called Aguascalientes. I joined Lhasa in May 2022 and I am a Software Developer currently working on the Nexus project.

During and after completing my undergraduate degree, I worked for five years as a Programmer Analyst. I moved to the UK in 2015 to complete a MSc in Software Engineering, and in November 2021, I completed a PhD in Computer Science by the University of Sheffield. As part of my PhD research, I built a software for the visual analytics and hierarchical clustering of temporal event sequences.

I really like working at Lhasa as this allows me to continue developing software with a scientific context, which I find exciting and rewarding. I also enjoy the working environment and the culture of the company.

I currently work on the Nexus project, where I do software development tasks mainly in Java – including fixing bugs, writing tests, and implementing new features.

Outside of work, I am a session singer and enjoy performing in open mics. I also love cooking and trying foods from around the world.

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