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Diego Zulkiewicz Gomes, Senior Global Alliances Manager

Name: Diego Zulkiewicz Gomes

Job Title: Senior Global Alliances Manager

Diego 226

My name is Diego and I joined Lhasa Limited as Principal Application Scientist in May, 2021.

I am a Chemist and after finishing my master’s degree in Organic Chemistry, I started my career in the Technological Research Institute - IPT in Brazil. As a Researcher there, I worked with LC-MS to help industries improve their products or even solve any deviation affecting their production.

In 2014-2015 I was guest researcher in the Freie Universität – Berlin, where I studied photo degradation reactions in drug products. This is where I began the relationship with the pharma world, that led me to my next job at Aché Pharmaceutical Laboratories (2017), as an Analytical Development Specialist. At Aché, I was involved with degradation studies, ICH Q3D, Extractables and Leachables, and everything related to mass spectrometry. In this role I also had the opportunity to learn about Lhasa and extensively use its software, like Zeneth, Vitic and Nexus.

At the end of 2020 I started working in Spektra Scientific Solution, as a Scientific Director/consultant, with a focus on regulatory submission relating to ICH Q3D and Extractables and Leachables.

I started my position at Lhasa in 2021. I am passionate about Lhasa’s philosophy of sharing knowledge to make people’s life better through scientific progress across industries, and I deeply admire the impact Lhasa's work has on reducing the need for animal testing.

I’m a travel and nature lover. I will be pleased to join you for a trek or even just to hang out anytime. I’m also passionate about riding my motorcycle through trails and doing Scuba Diving to meet the undersea life.

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