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Dr. Charles Modlin, Application Scientist

Name: Dr. Charles Modlin

Job Title: Application Scientist

Get in Touchhello@lhasalimited.org

My name is Charles (Charlie) Modlin and I joined Lhasa Limited in April 2019.

Before joining the Lhasa Team, I graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.Sc. in Chemistry in 2012. During my time at The University of Virginia, I forayed into biomaterials research, advised and mentored in this pursuit by Professors Linda Columbus and Gary Shiflet. Continuing my passion for cutting-edge biomaterials engineering, I earned my Ph.D. from Emory University in 2018 under the guidance of Professor Vincent Conticello. My research focused on novel, self-assembling nanoscale biomaterials (think nanotubes and multi-layer nanosheets) built in a bottom-up approach using peptide, protein, and hybrid peptide/DNA-origami platforms. The engineering of these sequences was often aided by computational methodologies, in which Professor Gevorg Grigorian of Dartmouth was an invaluable collaborator. The research performed in my Ph.D. career was highly collaborative, and I developed a genuine appreciation for cooperation, teamwork and the value of comradery during my time at U.Va. and Emory. I also developed my communication skills and teaching abilities, for which I earned two University Awards as the Top Teaching Assistant in undergraduate General and Analytical Chemistry courses, an accomplishment in which I take immense pride.

The transition to Lhasa’s Applied Sciences team was therefore a natural one. I was drawn to Lhasa’s incredibly diverse team, as well as Lhasa’s commitment to their members. The Applied Scientist role allows me to use the teaching and communication skills I honed during my education to serve Lhasa’s members in an effective and collaborative manner. As an Applied Scientist, I am here to facilitate members’ needs in order to promote scientific progress. Above all, I most appreciate the opportunity to work for, and alongside Lhasa’s members to help achieve their unique scientific goals. Beyond the scientific scope, I value forging meaningful and robust relationships with exceptional researchers across an immense array of disciplines. I look forward to assisting Lhasa members in their use of our software and in pursuit of their scientific endeavours.

Outside of work, I enjoy power lifting, hiking and camping, film, and customizing off-road trucks. I also thoroughly enjoy trying new things with friends. In 2010 I earned the prestigious honor of eating the most pancakes in one sitting at the Charlottesville, VA International House of Pancakes (31 and 1/3 flapjacks). To my knowledge this record still stands.

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