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Thierry Hanser, Head of Molecular Informatics and AI

Name: Thierry Hanser

Job Title: Head of Molecular Informatics and AI

I joined Lhasa Limited in 2006 and initially contributed in the design and development of Lhasa’s Cheminformatics platform. My research activity includes bridging Cheminformatics and Machine Learning in order to design new Knowledge Discovery and QSAR modelling methodologies.

Lhasa tackles exciting challenges that aim to improve peoples’ quality of life in the long term; it is therefore a privilege to contribute to this effort in the context of my work. My activities at Lhasa involve a wide spectrum of scientific fields among which some are of special interest to me, like Artificial Intelligence and modern Software Development. I also appreciate the collaboration opportunities with my skilful colleagues at Lhasa, and external experts through our interactions with members.

Outside work I enjoy exploring new cultures by travelling, capturing the world through my camera, exercising a bit with badminton, relaxing listening to music, and indulging myself (and sometimes my guests) with cooking experiments.

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