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Dr. Sian Ives, Sales Manager

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Name: Dr Siân Ives 

Job Title: Sales Manager

Get in Touch: info@lhasalimited.org

My name is Sian and I am an environmental microbiologist by trade, with a degree in Environmental Analysis, followed by a PhD in geology/microbiology/instrumental chemistry. After undertaking a short research postdoc I went on to work for an environmental CRO, where I first started to have contact with the world of customer service. I then went on to work for an environmental consultancy where I specialised in research into the microbial clean-up of industrial landfill sites. This was a very customer focussed role and introduced me into the world of sales. I knew of Lhasa Limited through their work with the University of Minnesota and their UM-BBD microbial degradation database, so when a sales executive role came up I applied for it. I was very impressed by the software that Lhasa Limited produced, the ethics of the company with respect to use of a sponsorship model for continued advancement of the software for its member base and the concept of knowledge sharing.

I have been working in the Lhasa Limited Sales team since 2004 and it’s a great team to work with and Lhasa Limited is an interesting and fun company to work for. I split my time between sales and team management: on the sales side, I deal with enquiries from prospects and members from various industries and backgrounds, and demonstrate and discuss our software with companies via web-meetings and on site, as well as closing sales and all of the administration that it involves. I also attend conferences along with the rest of the team.  I have the pleasure of heading up an efficient and eager team of sales people.  Among other things, the management of the team involves coaching and guiding them, making sure that they are on target for the year through regular catch ups, and assisting them to achieve their career goals. Although the job is busy and at times demanding, no two days are ever the same which means that my role is never dull!

I guess that my previous experience with customers has stood me in good stead for working within the Sales team. The huge number of presentations that our university lecturers forced us to do (which I didn’t appreciate at the time, but do now) has certainly given me the confidence to present to a range of different disciplines and grades. My experience in instrumental chemistry has been invaluable as I have spent a considerable amount of time working with Mass Spec vendors while at Lhasa Limited, discussing and setting up links to Meteor Nexus and creating posters and application notes with vendors and Meteor Nexus users. It is of course imperative to have a good scientific background to perform the sales role to be able to talk with users on a technical level.

I love to travel, and being at Lhasa has certainly expanded my horizons more than I could have expected. I have been to many European countries, many US states, Canada, Japan and Korea. Outside of work, I enjoy the outdoors and spend a large amount of time walking and camping. I also have a penchant for real ale, and as well as enjoying a tipple in the pub with friends, I also like to brew my own at home. 

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