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Dr. Michael Burns, Principal Scientist

Name: Dr. Michael Burns

Job Title: Principal Scientist

Hello, I am Mike and I joined Lhasa in October 2015 as a Scientist.

I completed my undergraduate studies in 2006 at the University of York, remaining there to undertake a PhD, working with Professors Fairlamb and Taylor, on a project utilising organometallic catalysis for total synthesis. Upon completion of my PhD, I moved to Canterbury (Kent) to work for Peakdale Molecular (now Concept Life Sciences). A contract research company who synthesise potential APIs (on various scales) for pharmaceutical companies. Following a 3-year spell in Kent, I returned to York to take up an exciting position at the Centre for Hyperpolarisation in Magnetic Resonance (CHyM), investigating the use of isotopically-labelled, biologically relevant molecules within hyperpolarising MRI and NMR techniques. The ultimate goal being the creation of biologically inert MRI contrast agents with vastly increased resolution compared to gadolinium contrast agents.

I joined Lhasa in 2015, initially deciphering metabolism data for Meteor (Metabolic degradation), developing skin sensitisation and mutagenicity alerts for Derek (knowledge-based toxicity prediction) and investigating forced degradation pathways for Zeneth. I then quickly moved onto the Mirabilis project, aiding the research and curation of knowledge relevant to understanding the potential for purging of mutagenic impurities from drug substance syntheses. In 2017, I took over leadership of Mirabilis development and have since worked closely with leading members of the purge calculation community to develop Mirabilis and the purge concept, including more recently their impact on the ongoing nitrosamine challenges.

Outside of work I spend a large amount of my time participating in a multitude of sports; football, tennis, cycling, golf and skiing. I also enjoy applying my research experience to experimenting with brewing beer and the subsequent analysis/peer reviewing that inevitably follows. I love to spend my free time with friends and family, and try to experience new places and cultures through travel as often as I can.

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