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Dr. Jeffrey Plante, Research Scientist

Name: Dr. Jeffrey Plante

Job Title: Research Scientist

I obtained my BS in chemistry from Clarkson University in Potsdam New York. I then went on to study for my PhD in organic chemistry from the Pennsylvania State University where I specialised in the area of ligand design and synthesis for molecular recognition. From there I went on to the University of Leeds for two postdoctoral fellowships, the first in the disruption of protein-protein interactions and the second in medicinal chemistry.

I joined Lhasa on April Fool’s day in 2013; I’ve always had a strong geeky side that was interested in computer programming and felt that this role would allow me to combine my skills in chemistry with my aptitude for programming. It certainly hasn’t been a foolish move out of the lab and into the computational realm.

As a Research Scientist I help incorporate new ideas and develop new methodologies for furthering the science here at Lhasa. I’ve been involved in the development of the EC3 prediction methodology as well as a technique for semi-automated expert call dataset generations from publicly available data, which has resulted in the generation of datasets for the use in generating alerts for endocrine disruption.

While not at Lhasa you would likely find me either in the allotment or in the garden and then after that you’re likely to find me in the kitchen cooking up a nice meal with the freshly harvested ingredients.

View some of Jeff's publications in our online library.

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