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Grace Kocks, Senior Scientist

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Name: Grace Kocks

Job Title: Senior Scientist

I joined Lhasa Limited in late 2013 as a Database Scientist after graduating with a BSc (Hons) degree in Human Physiology from the University of Leeds. I am now a Senior Scientist working to deliver high quality data in our Vitic software, which used by Lhasa members around the world for regulatory purposes. I am the data expert and lead for genotoxicity thus my primary focus is gathering data, its curation, manipulation, and analysis. The mutagenicity data hosted in Vitic is invaluable to ICH M7 and I am responsible for the Ames training set of over 12,000 compounds used in Lhasa’s statistical QSAR software (Sarah Nexus). I am passionate about increasing our understanding of genotoxicity/mutagenicity data and I recently become an ordinary committee member of the Industrial Genotoxicology Group (IGG).

In addition, I co-chair a consortium of industry members and lead the elemental impurities project. This collaboration with Lhasa members and regulators has delivered an effective solution to support risk assessment for ICH Q3D, a guidance for elemental impurities, through sharing proprietary data. As part of this role I help promote the initiative and share the knowledge and the data gathered.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time walking my dog Ellie.


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