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Dr. Ernest Murray, Data Scientist

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Name: Dr. Ernest Murray

Job Title: Data Scientist 

My name is Ernest and I'm a Data Scientist at Lhasa. I obtained my degree and PhD from the University of Liverpool and then went on to carry out postdoctoral studies at the University of Hull making very interesting materials for British Aerospace. I then moved on to work as a process development chemist at Avecia (formerly Zeneca) for ten years where I was part of a team that did a little bit more than just reaction scale-up, also studying kinetics and continuous flow chemistry.

In 2007 I decided to hang-up my lab coat and joined Lhasa. I currently work in the metabolism group, specifically on Meteor. I really enjoy being involved in the very interesting and challenging work where I get to study what actually happens to drug molecules that I used to make as an organic chemist. Overall, my role allows me to continually learn new skills and techniques which keeps me motivated.

Outside of work I'm kept busy looking after a local junior football team. Coaching, refereeing and trying to control lots of boys and girls is a bit of a challenge, but it has kept me on my toes for the past few years. Outside of the football bubble, I love full contact sports such as Muay Thai (painful memories) and Rugby League. I also love spending time with my family.

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