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Dr. Susanne Stalford

Name: Dr. Susanne Stalford

Job Title: Senior Scientist

I’m Susanne, a senior scientist at Lhasa Limited.  Prior to working at Lhasa, I received both a Masters and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Leeds, working on synthesising a novel carbohydrate and looking at its potential role in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In February 2008, just two days after finishing in the academic lab, I started working for Lhasa. 

Since working for Lhasa, I have worked on various projects. I started with developing Derek alerts for carcinogenicity before moving onto mutagenicity alerts and research into negative predictions.  Since then I have worked on transformations for Zeneth and the initial development of Mirabilis.  I now lead the development of Mirabilis, which provides a balance between both the technical and management aspects of the job, both of which I enjoy.

Outside of Lhasa, I have found a recent love of fitness so can usually be found in the gym or running around.  I recently ran my first 10k race and am now training to run a half marathon. I also enjoy using my daughter as an excuse to go and watch kids movies, supporting sports teams from Salford (my home town) and going for a drink or two (usually gin and/or cocktails) with friends.

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