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Dr. Natasha Hill

Name: Dr. Natasha Hill

Job Title: Senior Scientist

I joined Lhasa in September 2015 to work as a Knowledge Scientist. I studied at the University of Leeds, obtaining an MChem in Medicinal Chemistry in 2009 and a PhD in Chemistry in 2013.

My PhD was focused on the synthesis of alpha helix mimetics to disrupt protein-protein interactions implicated in cancer tumour development. After completing my PhD I trained on the School Direct program with the Leeds City Teaching School Alliance, obtaining a PGCE in Science certificate from the University of Cumbria. Following this, I was a Science Teacher at a school in Leeds teaching chemistry, biology and physics to secondary school pupils.

After missing the world of science, I decided to leave teaching to find a more research based role and was very fortunate to find a position here at Lhasa.This role offered me the opportunity to use the knowledge I gained during my PhD and learn a new range of skills in the field of science, but out of the laboratory. After my probation where I spent time working on Meteor, Zeneth and Derek, I worked primarily on the knowledge base development of Mirabilis.

I was promoted to Senior Scientist and I am now a line manager to a number of colleagues within the Mirabilis team.

I have 2 small children (3 including my husband), a bird and a snake at home which keep my busy along with my continuous house renovations. 

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