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David Yeo, Principal Application Scientist

Name: Dr. David J. Yeo

Job Title: Principal Application Scientist

Get in Touch: hello@lhasalimited.org

Hi! My name is Dave and I joined Lhasa Limited in August 2014.

After I devoted four years to an ambitious PhD project at the University of Leeds – marrying Organic Synthesis with Bionic Proteins – I moved to Lhasa to join the real world of employment and begin my contribution to both the scientific community and to the tax base.

Having started as an Intern scientist at Lhasa, I moved to the Applied Sciences (formerly Account Management) Team to bolster both my interests in the frontiers of scientific research and my passion for presenting and relationship building.

What do I do as a Principal Application Scientist? *deeply inhales* Oversee the renewals of our members, provide technical support, provide training, build scientific relationships with our members and represent the views of our members during the software development cycles. Also – I manage the professional development of my incredibly talented colleagues.

What makes me come into work in the morning? Knowing that every day brings a new challenge to face.

What makes me come alive? Leading discussions, presentations and training – my colleagues can eulogise on my verbose nature.

And outside of work? I’m a keen sportsman, having been involved in Rugby Union, Rowing, Football, Climbing and Fencing to various degrees. I also love to travel, explore new cultures and learn new languages. For a breather – or when I’m injured from the above sports – I also enjoy cooking and baking. My focaccia is to die for…


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