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David Yeo, Senior Account Manager

Name: Dr. David J. Yeo

Job Title: Senior Account Manager

Get in Touch: accountmanagement@lhasalimited.org

My name is Dave and I joined Lhasa Limited in August 2014.

Lhasa Limited represented my first steps into the ‘real world’ of employment, after having spent 4 years studying for a Masters in Chemistry at the University of Oxford followed by 4 years as a PhD candidate at the University of Leeds. The research in my thesis married organic synthesis with biomolecular interactions, with a side order of biophysics. During my PhD I was responsible for the synthesis of unnatural amino acids and peptidomimetics to disrupt protein-protein interactions which are responsible for programmed cell death.

I joined Lhasa’s Knowledge Base team as an intern scientist and after having spent four months developing the knowledge base for the Derek prediction software, I moved to Account Management to reflect my greater interests in scientific interaction and presentations. The role of Account Manager was a unique opportunity to combine communication whilst remaining at the frontier of scientific research across several disciplines.

Outside of work, I’m a keen footballer, rugby player and rower as well as watching most sports (especially my home club Huddersfield Town). When I’m inevitably injured, I really enjoy creating in the kitchen and subjecting my colleagues to the baked creations.

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