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Dr. Chris Barber, CEO

Dr Chris Barber

Name: Dr. Chris Barber

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

I'm Chris and I joined Lhasa Limited as the Director of Science in October 2011 and was appointed to the position of CEO in June 2017.

I joined Lhasa from Pfizer, where I worked as a medicinal chemist for 20 years. I led teams to identify prototype clinical candidates across a range of diseases targeting enzymes, receptors and ion channels using a range of modalities from small molecules to peptoids and antibody conjugates.

Moving from a ‘user’ to a ‘provider’ of in silico solutions now gives me some insight into how, when and why our software is be used. This, together with regular conversations with members inspires me to ensure that our software provides scientifically rigorous, trusted and transparent information in a way that supports efficient decision-making.

While Director of Science, I provided the strategic leadership and direction for Lhasa’s scientific output across the entire product suite – it was an exciting time as we introduced our first machine-learning model through Sarah Nexus, our first potency predictions for skin sensitisation in Derek Nexus, our first hybrid statistical-expert model in Meteor Nexus and our most recent addition to the ICH M7 support tools, Mirabilis, that supports the estimation of loss (purge) of impurities during synthesis.

Now as CEO, I lead Lhasa Limited so that we may continue to meet the needs of our members by combining robust science and intuitive software with the dedicated support of over 150 staff.

I joined Lhasa Limited to continue to learn and to use that knowledge to make a difference and I am proud of what we do and of the truly talented people with whom I work here at Lhasa.

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Chris is also part of the Scientific Advisory Board for Lhasa.


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Currently led by the CEO, the Science Team combines research, data and knowledge skills in order to develop the science behind Lhasa's software.

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